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The fight made national headlines – mostly because the hospitalised Reynolds was, it turned out, a heavyweight boxer with 19 knockouts to his name and ranked 10th in the world.  “It wasn’t the Marquess of Queensberry rules,” Mitchum admitted years later, as noted in Lee Server’s definitive biography, Baby I Don’t Care.  “I brushed my foot across his head to say, ‘See, fucker! See what I could do to you?’ When you fuck with an ape, be ready to go the whole route.”

And yet, we haven’t even got to the very long list of Dutch first names that start with the letter “J” and are essentially unpronounceable to anglophones. We’ve got Jaap and Jarno , Joost and Joop , and don’t forget our good friends Jurgen , Joord and Jelle (and the list goes on…I won’t even get started on names that start with “Sj”!) Yes, these names may work very well in the lowlands, but something is definitely lost in translation. Huh? Your Dutch parents named you what?!

I Am Kloot - I BelieveI Am Kloot - I BelieveI Am Kloot - I BelieveI Am Kloot - I Believe