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Dental avulsion is a real dental emergency in which prompt management (within 20–40 minutes of injury) affects the prognosis of the tooth. [8] The avulsed permanent tooth should be gently but well rinsed with saline, with care taken not to damage the surface of the root which may have living periodontal fiber and cells. Once the tooth and mouth are clean an attempt can be made to re-plant in its original socket within the alveolar bone and later splinted by a dentist for several weeks. [9] Failure to re-plant the avulsed tooth within the first 40 minutes after the injury may result in a less favorable prognosis for the tooth. [9] If the tooth cannot be immediately replaced in its socket, follow the directions for Treatment of knocked-out (avulsed) teeth and cold milk or saliva and take it to an emergency room or a dentist. If the mouth is sore or injured, cleansing of the wound may be necessary, along with stitches, local anesthesia, and an update of tetanus immunization if the mouth was contaminated with soil. Management of injured primary teeth differs from management of permanent teeth; avulsed primary tooth should not be re-planted (to avoid damage to the permanent dental crypt ). [10]

The Milk Teeth - Cold ClimateThe Milk Teeth - Cold ClimateThe Milk Teeth - Cold ClimateThe Milk Teeth - Cold Climate